Current Scholars (2018-2019)

Scholar Picture

Marissa Gogniat

Marissa Gogniat

Undergraduate: B.S. in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology and B.A. in Psychology, Emory University (2015)

GraduateM.S., Clinical Psychology, University of Georgia (Spring 2019)

In Progress: Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, University of Georgia (Expected 2021) 

Meghan Logun

Meghan Logan

Undergraduate: B.S., Biology, Emory University

Graduate: M.S., Animal Science, University of Georgia

In Progress: Ph.D. Neuroscience, University of Georgia (Expected 2020)


  Previous Scholars

Catherine Mewborn (2016-2017)

C Mewborn

Undergraduate: B.A. in Psychology and B.A. in Philosophy,Wake Forest University (2013)

GraduateM.S., Clinical Psychology, University of Georgia

In Progress: Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, University of Georiga (Expected 2019) 

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Max Owens (2016-2017)

M Owens

Undergraduate: B.S., Psychology and B.A. History, College of Charleston

Graduate: M.S., Psychology, University of Georgia

Ph.D. Brain and Behavior Sciences, Psychology Department, University of Georgia 

Current Position: NIDA T32 postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Vermont focused on big data, multimodal approaches to addiction neuroscience

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David Parker (2016-2017)

D Parker

Undergraduate: B.A. in Philosophy and B.A. in Cognitive Science, University of Georgia

In Progress:  M.S. Psychology (expected 2017), University of Georgia

In Progress: Ph.D. Brain and Behavior Sciences, Psychology Department, University of Georiga (Expected 2018) 

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Anastasia M. Bobilev (2014-2016) 

 Anastasia M. Bobilev

Undergraduate: B.A. Cognitive Science, University of Georgia 

Ph.D. Neuroscience Departments of Cellular Biology and Psychology, The University of Georgia

Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher at UTSouthwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX in the Department of Psychiatry under the direction of Dr. Carol Tamminga

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Amanda Rodrigue (2014-2016)

 Amanda Rodrigue

Undergraduate: B.A., Psychology (Summa Cum Laude, University Honors), Loyola University

Graduate: M.S., Experimental Psychology, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

In Progress: Ph.D. Brain and Behavior Sciences, Psychology Department, University of Georgia: Athens, GA

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Jordan Pierce (2014-2016)

Undergraduate: B.S. Psychology, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Graduate: M.S. Psychology (2013), University of Georgia

Ph.D. Department ofPsychology, University of Georgia (2016)

Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher in the Laboratory of Neurology and Imaging of Cognition under the direction of Dr. Patrik Vuilleumier at the University of Geneva.

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Matt Hudgens-Haney (2013-2015)

 Matt Hudgens-Haney

Undergraduate: B.A. Philosophy, University of Alabama

Graduate: M.A. Neurophilosophy (2010) Georgia State University, Department of Philosophy 

In Progress: Ph.D. Cognitive Neuroscience (Expected 2016) UGA Biomedical and Health Sciences Institute

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Doug Terry (2012-2014)

 Doug Terry

Undergraduate: B.S., Biological-Psychology and Biomedical Engineering Systems, Tufts University

Graduate: UGA Psychology Dept. Clinical Program

Current Position: Clinical and Research Fellow in Sports Neuropsychology and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in the departments of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School

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Dave Frank (2012-2014)

 Dave Frank

Undergraduate: B.S., Psychology, University of California, San Diego 

Graduate: M.S. Psychology, UGA (2012);

In Progress: Ph.D. Neuroscience

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Lingxi Chi (2011-2013)Lingxi Chi

Undergraduate: B.S., Psychology, Liaoning Normal University (China)

Graduate: UGA Psychology Dept. Behavioral and Brain Sciences Program

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Brittany Collins (2011-2013)

 Brittany Collins

Undergraduate: B.S., Psychology, UGA 

Graduate: UGA Psychology Dept. Clinical Program

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Jordan Hamm (2010-2012)HammJordan.jpg

Undergraduate: B.S., Psychology, UGA

Graduate: PhD Neuroscience (2013); M.S. Psychology, UGA (2010)

Current Position: Postdoctoral Research Scientist in Department of Biological Sciences under the dircetion of Rafael Yuste at Columbia University. 

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Justin Knight (2009-2011)

Undergraduate: B.S., Psychology, North Greenville Univ.

Graduate: PhD Psychology: Cognitive (2012); M.S. Psychology, UGA (2010)

Post-doctorate: Cognitive Neuroscience, UC Davis

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Jason Langley (2009-2011)LangleyJason.jpg

Undergraduate: B.S. Mathematics, Southern Polytechnic State University

Graduate: PhD Physics and Astronomy

Post-doctorate: Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Tech and Emory University

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Michael Amlung (2008-2010) 

 Michael Amlung

Undergraduate: B.S. Cognitive Science, Indiana University

Graduate: PhD Psychology (2014): Cognitive M.S. Psychology, UGA (2009)

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Courtney Brown (2007-2009)

 Courtney Brown

Undergraduate: B.A., Psychology, Tufts University (2003) 

Graduate: PhD Psychology: Clinical

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Lauren Ethridge (2007-2009)

Lauren Ethridge

Undergraduate: B.A. Cognitive Science,  B.S. Psychology, UGA (2006)

Graduate: PhD Neuroscience (2011)

Post-doctorate: University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

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Nathaniel Thom (2006-2008)

Nathaniel Thom

Undergraduate: B.S.Biology, Univ. of Wisconsin (2001)

Graduate: M.S. Exercise Science (2005); PhD Kinesiology, UGA (2009)

Post-doctorate: The Naval Health and Research Center (NHRC)

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Elizabeth Krusemark (2005-2007) 

Elizabeth Krusemark

Undergraduate: B.S.W. UGA School of Social Work; B.A. Psychology 

Graduate: MS Psychology, UGA (2005); PhD Psychology: Social, UGA (2009) 

Post-doctorate: Cognitive Affective Neuroscience, University of Wisconsin, Madison

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Megan Boyd (2004-2006)

Megan Boyd

Undergraduate: B.S. Psychology, UGA (2003)

Graduate: MS Psychology, UGA (2007); M.P.A, Georgia Health Sciences University

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Kara Dyckman (2004-2005) 

Kara Dyckman

Undergraduate: B.A. Psychology, Bucknell Univ (1996)

Graduate: PhD Psychology: Cognitive, UGA (2007)

Post-doctorate: Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

Current: Instructor, Department of Psychology, UGA

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