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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Working in a research laboratory is a great way to get first-hand knowledge of what it takes to design and execute research studies. Working as a research assistant is also a great way to distinguish yourself from other applicants when applying for graduate and professional schools. You’ll have the opportunity to be mentored by graduate students and faculty and learn more about the field of Psychology. 

How to Apply

The Psychology Department has a new system to connect prospective undergraduate lab assistants like you with available opportunities. This system is for any undergraduate interested in working in a research lab by registering for the Directed Research course (PSYC 4800) and/or CURO research.

To apply, complete this brief Qualtrics survey assessing your areas of interest, weekly availability, and academic achievement. Surveys are due December 1st for consideration for spring semesters and July 15th for fall semesters. After you’ve submitted your survey, we will contact you about potential research opportunities

Psychology Research Labs

Behavioral & Brain Sciences

BBS Labs - Behavioral Neuropharmacology Laboratory, Dr. Phil Holmes

BBS Labs - Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, Drs. Brett Clementz and Jennifer McDowell

BBS Labs - Close Relationships Laboratory, Dr. Rich Slatcher

BBS Labs - Cultural Evolution and Optimal Experience, Dr. Leonard L. Martin

BBS Labs - Gene-Brain-Social Behavior Lab, Dr. Brian Haas

BBS Labs - Georgia Attitude, Bias, and Behavior Acquisition Lab (GABBA Lab), Dr. Allison Skinner

BBS Labs - Georgia Decision Lab, Dr. Adam Goodie

BBS Labs - Georgia Emotion Neuro-Imaging Lab, Dr. Dean Sabatinelli

BBS Labs - Health and Development Laboratory, Dr. Katie Ehrlich

BBS Labs - Infant Research Laboratory, Dr. Janet Frick

BBS Labs - MERLab, Dr. Keith Campbell

BBS Labs - Motivation and Behavior Lab, Dr. Michelle vanDellen

BBS Labs - Primate Cognition and Behavior Laboratory, Dr. Dorothy Fragaszy

BBS Labs - Vision Sciences Laboratory, Dr. Randy Hammond

BBS Labs - Visual Perception Laboratory, Dr. James Brown


Clinical Psychology

Clinical Labs - Beach Laboratory, Dr. Steven Beach

Clinical Labs - Clinical Affective Neuroscience (CAN) Lab, Dr. Gregory P. Strauss

Clinical Labs - CNS Lab, Clinical Neuroscience Lab, Dr. Lawrence Sweet

Clinical Labs - Development and Psychopathology (DAP) Lab, Dr. Cynthia Suveg

Clinical Labs - EMPOWER Lab, Dr. Isha Metzger

Clinical Labs - FRESH Lab, Dr. Anne Shaffer

Clinical Labs - Neuropsychology and Memory Assessment Laboratory, Dr. Steve Miller

Clinical Labs - Pediatric Psychology Lab, Dr. Ron Blount

Clinical Labs - Personality Studies Laboratory, Dr. Josh Miller


Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Industrial-Organizational Labs - Applied Psychometric Lab, Dr. Nathan T Carter

Industrial-Organizational Labs - Center for Research and Engagement in Diversity (RED) Lab

Industrial-Organizational Labs - Enhancing Connections & Health in Organizations (ECHO), Dr. Lillian Eby

Industrial-Organizational Labs - Leadership and Performance Dynamics Lab, Dr. Brian Hoffman

Industrial-Organizational Labs - Leadership Education And Development (LEAD) Lab, Dr. Karl Kuhnert

Industrial-Organizational Labs - Leadership Innovation Networks and Collaboration (LINC) Lab, Dr. Dorothy Carter

Industrial-Organizational Labs - Work and Family Experience Research (WAFER) Lab, Dr. Malissa A. Clark

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