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The Industrial-Organizational Psychology Doctoral Program at UGA exists to develop, research, and apply psychological principles to raise the quality of life for working individuals. We strive to improve organizational functioning through our commitment to teaching, research and service. We take pride in our scientist-practitioner integration, diverse perspectives, and whole person development.

A series of studies of I-O Master’s programs published in 2018 by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) ranked UGA’s IOMP among the top in the nation out of 157 Master’s programs affiliated with SIOP. These rankings highlight the applied focus of our program and the ability of our alums to provide immediate value to organizations relative to other I-O Master’s programs. This is especially impressive given that the measurement of several dimensions in these studies favored traditional programs where students attend school full-time and work part-time. Our top rankings by category include:

     #1 Alumni Perceptions

     #1 Learning Practical Skills

     #18 Overall Student Perceptions

Links to relevant studies: Alumni & Students. The UGA IOMP was also ranked the #3 Most Affordable Top-Ranked Master’s Program in Industrial-Organizational Psychology in 2018.

Program Description

The Industrial-Organizational Psychology Program is one of three doctoral programs within the Department of Psychology at the University of Georgia. Students may concentrate in the areas of Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Measurement and Individual Differences, or they may develop a balanced program in both areas. Completion of the Ph.D. requirements in these areas prepares students for careers in such settings as academia, industry, consulting, government, and the military.

In addition to the range of expertise and courses offered by the Industrial-Organizational Psychology faculty, the Program also draws upon the expertise and courses available through other programs in Psychology as well as from Management, Computer Sciences, Education, Statistics, Public Administration, and Sociology.

The curriculum includes required courses that are intended to provide an academic foundation for mastery of the knowledge and skills central to each student's area of concentration. Beyond these, students may select courses appropriate to their individual programs of study at both the master's and doctoral levels. In addition, individual programs of research carried out by students under the direction of faculty are required for completion of both masters' theses and doctoral dissertations. To complement the student's academic preparation, professional experience will be gained through internships approved by the program faculty.

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