The Scott Torgesen Award.

Offered to the outstanding junior major in psychology. Criteria for selection are: (A) grades and (B) other evidence of scholarship and interest in psychology such as research reports, research proposals, term papers, community service related to psychology, and other evidence of promise in the field. The award carries with it a cash prize of $500.*

The William T. James Award.

Offered to the outstanding senior major in psychology. Criteria for selection are: (A) research reports and research proposals, (B) term papers, (C) community service related to psychology, (D) grades, and (E) other evidence of promise in the field. Names of award recipients will be inscribed on the William T. James plaque. Winners will also receive a certificate acknowledging their accomplishment, and a cash prize of $150.

It is important for students to present appropriate documentation when applying for the Torgesen or James awards. The student’s nomination folder should include:

  1. resume or vita
  2. official transcript of courses and grades
  3. two supporting letters from faculty or other appropriate individuals
  4. evidence of scholarship and community service.

The awards committee anticipates all nominees to have high GPAs and generally strong academic records. Therefore, evidence of scholarship beyond normal classroom demands would be important to a successful application. Such evidence would usually take the form of a paper, for example, a description of research projects one has engaged in as a psychology 3000, 4000, or Honors student, any research reports or manuscripts resulting from these projects, or an elaboration of a conceptual paper originally presented as a course requirement. Similarly, documentation of community service, particularly as it relates to psychology, will be helpful in presenting a competitive application.

Judge Horace B. Russell Prize.

Offered to a major in psychology for the best written work in psychology. The manuscript may be either empirical or theoretical. A $200 prize will be awarded to the winner.

Students may nominate themselves for one or more of these awards. Also, faculty are encouraged to nominate students. Supporting materials, including recommendation letters, should be addressed to Dr. Adam Goodie, formatted either as .pdf or .doc documents, and sent by email to, or sent as hard copies to Dr. Goodie in the Psychology building. 2012 award recipients will be announced at the awards banquet, to be scheduled late in the Spring semester. Deadline for receipt of materials is Friday, March 30, 2012.

*Other things equal, preference will be given to residents of White or Habersham counties in Georgia.

Instructions for Award Applications

Scott Torgesen and William T. James Awards

  1. Application for either of these awards entails developing a resume/vita. The resume should include your name, address, year in school, overall GPA, and GPA within psychology. You should also include sub-sections in your resume which describe your interests and accomplishments. Previous applicants, for example, have had sections featuring work experience, clubs and campus activities, community service, awards and honors (both academic and non-academic), career plans/goals, and research experience. There are not set rules for what you might wish to include. Simply remember to include any evidence that would support your application.
  2. Have two individuals send letters supporting your application to Dr. Adam Goodie. It is most often advantageous to have at least one letter from a faculty member in Psychology at UGA.

Judge Horace B. Russell Prize

  1. The main work in applying for this award will be preparing a manuscript for the awards committee to judge.
    1. The manuscript should not be the result of a previous class assignment. Rather, it should represent work you have undertaken which goes beyond normal curriculum responsibilities. Your manuscript may be an extension of previous classroom work. Examples of work which may be submitted are Psychology 3000 or 4000 projects, Honors Thesis projects, or individual endeavors such as literature reviews in the library.
    2. If your manuscript is an empirical research project, the format should follow a research article; that is, abstract, introduction, method, results, discussion, and references. Literature reviews or theoretical manuscripts have no set format. You might consider examining articles of this type in psychology journals (i.e., Psychological Bulletin) in order to get some ideas concerning format. Follow APA manuscript guidelines at all times. There is no length requirement.
  2. Your manuscript should be accompanied by a cover letter addressed to the Undergraduate Awards Committee, Psychology Department, UGA. Briefly describe yourself and your interests, including your particular interest in the project you are submitting.


Questions concerning any of these awards should be directed to Dr. Adam Goodie (


2012 List of Psychology Department Awards and Award Descriptions