The Psychology Graduate Student Committee exists to bring together a select group of graduate students, representing the various programs in our department, to discuss issues pertinent to graduate student life in hopes that we can have a more collaborative impact on the functioning of our department. We meet regularly to discuss issues among ourselves and with guest speakers, to set short- and long-term goals, and to evaluate our efforts toward these goals. By working together, we are able to sustain a sense of collaboration and community among the Psychology graduate students at UGA.

The committee is made up of representatives from all three graduate programs in the Department of Psychology as well as the Neuroscience PhD program through the Biomedical Health Sciences Institute. Current graduate students are encouraged to contact committee members with any questions or comments related to graduate student life in the department.

Contacting the GSC

The easiest way to contact the GSC is via email at Alternatively, you can contact individual GSC members by clicking the email links below.

Current Committee Members (2014-2015)

  • Nick Cochran (Behavioral and Brian Sciences Program, Social Psychology) –
  • Rich Plummer (Behavioral and Brain Sciences Program, Cognitive Psychology) –
  • Lane Siedor (Industrial-Organizational Program) –
  • Kate Conley (Industrial-Organizational Program) –
  • Courtland Hyatt (Clinical Program) –

Workshops & Sessions

R Linear Mixed Models Workshop (Spring 2014)

Intro to R Workshop (Fall 2013)

R Training Session (2013)

R Control Structures Workshop

Minutes from GSC Meetings

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