Associate Professor
Industrial-Organizational Program
317 Psychology Building
(706) 542-8891


Ph.D. Kansas State University, 1985

Research Interests

Our research centers on how leaders develop over the life course. Using constructive/developmental theory we show how leaders make sense of themselves and others. Through our research we have found discernible patterns or ways people make sense of their world and how those patterns affect the way people lead others. For example, we recently reported the impact of developmental level of executives on their performance as measured by multilevel ratings. My long-term goal is to show how individual development impacts organizational change both theoretically and practically.

Selected Publications

Eigel, K.M. & Kuhnert, K.W. (2016).  The Map:  Your Path to Effectiveness in Leadership, Life, and Legacy.  Baxter Press.  

Hoffman, B.J. Strang, S.E, Kuhnert, K.Wand Campbell, K, Kennedy, C.L., Lo Pilato, C. (2013). Ethical Leadership and Leader effectiveness: The Roles of Machiavellianism, Narcissism, and Ethical Context, Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 20, (1), 25-37.

Strang, S. &, Kuhnert, K.W. (2009). Personality and leadership development levels as predictors of leader performance. The Leadership Quarterly, 20, 421-433.

Brunell, A. B., Gentry, W. A., Campbell, W. K., Hoffman, B. J., Kuhnert, K. W., & Demarree, K. G. (2008). Leader emergence: The case of the narcissistic leader. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 12, 1663-1676.

Harris, L., Kuhnert, K.W. (2008). Looking through the lens of leadership: A constructive developmental approach. Looking through the lens of leadership: A constructive developmental approach, Leadership and Organizational Development Journal, 29 (1), 47-.67.

Gentry W.A., Kuhnert, K.W. (2007). Sending signals: Nonverbal communication can speak volumes. Leadership in Action Volume 27, Number 5, pp. 2-7.

Gentry, W.A., Kuhnert, K.W., & Mondore, S. (2007). The Influence of Supervisory-Support Climate and Unemployment Rate on Part-Time Employee Retention: A Multilevel Analysis,"Journal of Management Development 26 (10), 1005-1022.

Eigel, K. M., & Kuhnert, K. W. (2005). Authentic development: Leadership development level and executive effectiveness. In W. Gardner B. Avolio & F. Walumba (Eds.). Persepectives on Authentic Leadership Development. New York: Elesever Press.

Gentry, W. A., & Kuhnert, K.W. (2005). A first look at the role of nonverbal communication in leadership assessment. In N. Huber & M. Walker (Eds.). Emergent Models of Global Leadership. International Leadership Association Press.

Recent Awards

2009 Highly Commended Award for best research article for the article "Looking Through the lens of leadership: A constructive developmental approach," in the Journal of Leadership & Organizational Development Journal.

Major Professor for William Gentry whose dissertation was a finalist for the 2006 Rains Wallace Dissertation Award (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology).
2006 Invited member to the UGA Teaching Academy.

Four time recipient of the Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award. Presented by Psi-Chi Honor Society and the Department of Psychology, University of Georgia.

Received Hammer Award for Outstanding Contributions to Reinventing Government for the U.S. Treasury Department, 2000. Awarded by Albert Gore, Vice President of the U.S.

1997 Finalist Award for Outstanding Worldwide Organizational Development Project, A Reinventing Government at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. Presented by the Organizational Development Institute.

Service to Professional Associations

1992-2015 - Appointed to the Board of Directors Standing Hearing Panel, American Psychological Association.



Kuhnert, K.W. (2009-2015). Executive Leadership Institute. Develop and facilitate leadership development program for Georgia Board of Regents for all 35 state colleges and universities in Georgia (Funded).

Kuhnert, K.W. (1998-2015). UPS Corporate/Education Partnership Training Grant. Grant to support three-graduate 12-month research assistantship. (Funded, $45,000 per year. Total $641,000)

Kuhnert, K.W. (2008). Georgia Society for Certified Public Accounts Leadership Academy (Funded, $26,000).

Kuhnert, K.W. (2007). Georgia Society for Certified Public Accounts Leadership Academy (Funded, $26,000).


Lab or Research Details: 

Our lab is intended to help organizations who have problems to be solved.  Last semester we conducted an organizational culture survey for the Fulton County Schools to help them better understand teacher turnover.