Franklin Foundation Fellow
Graduate Student
Behavioral and Brain Sciences Program
613 Psychology Building
Curriculum Vitae: 

My research uses advanced electroencephalogy (EEG) and magnetoencephalography (MEG) technology to non-invasively identify specific neural deviations found in schizophrenia (SZ), bipolar disorder (BD), and schizoaffective disorder (SZaff). There are two major aims of this research: 1) Identify specific neural markers (biomarkers) related to these illnesses. This is a critical step necessary to finding specific neural and molecular pathways that have been damaged by the illnesses. They would serve as specific targets for translational research that could provide insight into the underlying genetic causes of the disorder. Additionally, these biomarkers could be used in a clinical setting to confirm the presence and severity of the illness. 2) Leverage multivariate statistics and clustering algorithms on large datasets of biological measures in order to generate a classification that is based on an individual patient’s specific neural profile that goes beyond the current diagnostic system of mental illnesses. This classification could serve as the foundation for a future diagnostic system that is based on the biological signatures of the illnesses and would not rely solely on the presentation of clinical symptoms. Both of these aims are critically needed in a research field that is decades behind other similar biomedical fields in finding underlying biological mechanisms of diseases and for finding breakthrough treatments.