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Dr. Cindy Krafft and colleagues’ manuscript figure was selected for the cover of Developmental Neuroscience. CCNL presented 2 posters and 2 talks at the first annual UGA-BIRC SEC mini-conference, 3 posters at Cognitive Neuroscience Society, 1 poster at the Society of Biological Psychiatry, and 3 talks and 1 poster at the undergraduate CURO symposium.

CCNL presented 4 posters at the Society for Neuroscience and 2 posters at the Society for Psychophysiological Research.

CCNL presented 3 posters and 2 talks at the International Congress for Schizophrenia Research.

CCNL presented 6 posters at the Society for Neuroscience and 3 Posters at the Society for Psychophysiological Research.

Brett Clementz, Jennifer McDowell , and colleagues were recently awarded a grant from the NIH to study the role of increased baseline neural noise in cognitive control in healthy low-cognitive-span individuals and schizophrenia patients .

Drs. McDowell and Liu, and graduate students, Lingxi Chi, Cindy Krafft, Yang Li and Kaiming Li, together with colleagues at MCG, were awarded NIH funds to evaluate brain structure changes in overweight children before and after an 8 month exercise intervention (using DTI).

Brett Clementz, Jennifer McDowell , and colleagues at UIC were recently awarded a grant from the NIH to study the neural correlates of cognitive control in schizophrenia patients and thei.r unaffected relatives during the antisaccade task using the visual evoked steady-state response in E/MEG.

Dr. McDowell, and colleagues from MCG and UGA were awarded a grant from the NIH to evaluate the impact of exercise on cognition in obese children.

Dr. McDowell's collaborative project with UGA & Medical College of Georgia researchers was featured in UGA Research Magazine "Building Bodies, Boosting Brains" and the Red and Black Newspaper.

Big BIRC On Campus

The Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience Laboratory is a collaborative effort based in the Department of Psychology at the University of Georgia. Under the direction of Drs. Brett Clementz and Jennifer McDowell, members of the laboratory are engaged in a variety of experimental and theoretical inquires within the realm of cognitive neuroscience.

Research is conducted using sophisticated brain imaging technologies, such as high-density EEG, whole-head MEG, and fMRI. With these technologies at their disposal, CCNL researchers can address diverse research interests from multiple perspectives.

Primary ongoing areas of research include studies of 1) basic sensory operations (visual and auditory processing) and motor performance (saccadic eye movements), 2) the differences in basic and higher level cognitive operations between normal and psychiatric groups, most notably those with schizophrenia, 3) brain plasticity associated with repeated practice, 4) brain changes that occur during aging, and 5) prospective memory. Personnel at the CCNL also collaborate with other UGA researchers in programs within and outside the Psychology Department on studies involving topics ranging from physical exercise, to judgment and decision making, and social rejection. The lab is involved in joint research with universities both in the United States and internationally, such as the University of California at San Diego and the University of Konstanz in Germany.

Honors and Awards

»Dr. McDowell was promoted to full, tenured professor (Spring 2014)

»Dr. Clementz was awarded the Psychology Department’s Graduate Teaching Award (Spring 2014)

»Undergraduate Joseph Coppiano was awarded the Scott Torgeson Outstanding Junior in Psychology Award with a $500 cash prize (Spring 2014)

»Amanda Rodrigue and Jordan Pierce were awarded the Richard L. Marsh Mentoring Award for Graduate Students in the Psychology Dept. (Spring 2014)

» Undergraduate student, David Parker was named a CURO Summer Fellow (funded to work in our laboratory full time over the summer, and provided with additional research training).

» Dr. McDowell was awarded an UGA Graduate School Outstanding Mentor Award in the Social and Behavioral Sciences.

» CCNL has 2 students recognized by prestigious NSF Graduate Fellowship: Cindy Krafft (2010-2013) and David Schaeffer (2011-2014).

Past Awards and Honors

Recent Workshops Attended with Full or Partial Funding

» Amanda Rodrigue and Anastasia Bobilev – Wellcome Trust Course: Human Genome Analysis: Genetic Analysis of Multifactorial Diseases in Cambridge, England. All expenses paid.

» Cindy Krafft 2 week UCLA Neruoimaging Training Program Advanced Summer Course all expenses paid (7/2012).

» Amanda Rodrigue Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory (New York) Workshop on Schizophrenia and Related Disorders partial award ($750; 6/2012).

» Jordan Pierce (6 7/2012), and Mathew Hudgens-Haney, David Schaeffer, and Lauren Hayrynen (6-7/2011) 6 week Multimodal Neuroimaging Summer Workshop at University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University all expenses paid.

Photos of Lab Events

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