Academic Advisor III
Undergraduate Office

Basic Information

219 Psychology Building
Phone Number:

Job Responsibilities

I run the Psychology Department's Undergraduate Advising Office (Room 219). My primary responsibility is to advise junior and senior psychology undergraduates. I have 2 graduate students which work in the office under their assistantship. They assist with running the office, and answering students questions about the curriculum and graduate school.

I also handle the POD's (Permission of the Department) for the undergraduate courses, as well as any waiting lists that we might have during registration. We also have a computer that is used for the undergraduates to research graduate schools and to sign up for research participation within the department. I frequently meet with new students (often along with their parents) and visiting students that want to know more about the department.

We also have a video library that we maintain for instructors within the department.

Just about everything that has to do with psychology undergraduates, we handle through the Advising Office.