Industrial-Organizational Program

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327 Psychology Building
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Research Interests:

Personnel selection, fairness in measurement of abilities, attitudes, interests, biodata and personality. Applicant reactions to selection methods, processes and their impact on subsequent outcomes..

Influence of contextual factors and technology on measurement properties in social science research and practice.

Improving methods for analyzing psychological data.

Selected Publications:

Meade, A..W., Lautenschlager, G.J. & Johnson, E.C. (in press). A Monte-Carlo Examination of the Sensitivity of the DFIT Framework for Tests of Measurement Invariance with Likert Data. Applied Psychological Measurement.

Kingree, J., Simpson, A., Thompson, M., McCrady, B., Tonigan, J., & Lautenschlager, G. (in press). The development and initial validation of the Survey of Readiness for Alcoholics Anonymous Participation. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors.

Meade, A., Lautenschlager, G. J. & Michels. (in press) Are Internet and Paper-and-Pencil Personality Tests Truly Comparable? A Measurement Invariance Study. Organizational Research Methods.

Meade, A., Lautenschlager, G.J. & Hecht, J. E. (2005). Using item response theory to identify change. International Journal of Testing, 5, 279-300.

Lautenschlager, G.J. (2005) Review of Regression Analysis for Categorical Moderators. Organizational Research Methods, 8,139-141.

Hedden, T., Lautenschlager, G.J. & Park, D.C. (2005). Contributions of processing ability and knowledge to verbal memory tasks across the adult lifespan. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 58A, 169-190.

Meade, A.W. & Lautenschlager, G.J. (2004) A Comparison of IRT and CFA Methodologies for Establishing Measurement Equivalence. Organizational Research Methods, 7. 361-388.

Meade, A. & Lautenschlager, G. J. (2004) A monte-carlo study of confirmatory factor analytic tests of measurement equivalence/invariance. Structural Equation Modeling. 11, 60-72.

Merino, C. & Lautenschlager, G. (2003) Comparación estadística de la confiabilidad alfa de Cronbach: Aplicaciones en la medición educacional y psicológica. Revista de Psicología de la Universidad de Chile, 12(2), 127-136. (Statistical comparisons of Cronbach’s Alpha: Applications in Educational and Psychological Measurement. Journal of Psychology, University of Chile.)


Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago, 1982

Of note:

Selected Professional Activities

Editorial Board: Journal of Organizational Behavior (1999- present)

American Psychological Society, 1989-present

Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 1984-present

Previsor, Inc, Advisory Board