The Leadership, Innovation, Networks, and Collaboration (LINC) laboratory, supervised by Dr. Dorothy Carter, conducts interdisciplinary research on teams, leadership, and social networks. Our research seeks to uncover the factors that enable large-scale organizational systems, composed of multiple teams, to effectively address complex challenges. 

If you are an undergraduate student interested in gaining research experience with the LINC lab, please fill out our Research Assistant application.

Undergraduate research assistants in the LINC lab have opportunities to gain a variety of skills including: 
•Psychology Laboratory Operations
•Project Development
•Designing Materials
•Running Experiments
•Data Extraction/Management/Cleaning
•Data Analysis
•Understanding of Psychological Constructs
•Expertise in Teamwork
•Scientific Writing
•Presentation Skills

In order to be a research assistant for the LINC lab, we require RAs to maintain a 3.5 or higher GPA.