Graduate Student
Industrial-Organizational Program
301D Psychology Building


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), University of Georgia, Expected 2015

Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D.), Antitrust and Intellectual Property, Stetson University College of Law

Master of Science (M.S.), Psychology, University of Georgia

Master of Accountancy (M.Acc), Taxation, University of North Florida

Bachelor of Arts, (B.A.), Accountancy, Flagler College




Lab or Research Details: 

My primary research program focuses on understanding the psychology of workplace diversity, specifically how employees and organizations intersect. I specifically focus on the workplace experiences of affinity and other marginalized groups, namely sexual minorities, but also women and persons of color and the impact of their organizational experience. I am particularly interested in employee engagement and whether sexual orientation moderates the relationship between organizational practices and engagement, job commitment, job satisfaction, turnover intentions, inclusion, efficiency, and psychological safety levels. I am also interested in whether traditionally marginalized leaders make better bosses because of their life experiences. In addition, I am interested in the psychological safety of sexual minority employees and the impact of progressive and regressive organizations on employee perceptions of safety. I also conduct research considering double and triple minorities and their employee engagement levels. As an example, I am interested in analyzing interactive effects for employees that are simultaneously sexual, ethnic, and gender minorities. I recently started a research study on transgender workpalce transitions that is funded by RED in cooperation with the Transgender Economic Empowerment Project in Los Angeles. 

My secondary research program focuses on understanding the impact of psychopathology in the workplace, with primary interest in personality disorders and leadership. Traditionally, psychological research has gravitated towards a sub-disciplinary "silo" approach.  My aim is to view clinical and industrial-organizational psychology as essential to one another. People are people and they have jobs. Although many researchers approach psychopathology in the workplace with a compliance schema (e.g. The Americans with Disabilities Act/EEOC), I am interested in understanding the impact that managerial personality disorders have on workgroups and whether derailment interventions can improve workgroup relationships to retain valuable human capital. By understanding individual differences, I believe that significant improvements can be made in work cohorts so that clinical and perhaps sub-clinical personality disorders can be identified and adjustments made to improve teams and overall performance.