Graduate Student
Behavioral and Brain Sciences Program

Basic Information

Curriculum Vitae:
603 Psychology Building

I wake up feeling like an imbecile, learn throughout the day to get a little better so I can end my day with a smarter me. All in the hope of one day being smart enough to have an army of minions.

Just a bit of us: a bit of me:

This must be Teimoso!!

A bunch of researchers come by
To watch me do my nutty thing.
I guess they want to find out why
I am so good at nut cracking.
Between a rock and a hard place,
I regulate my use of force,
Evaluating case by case,
What's needed to crack in due course.
Showtime, so I want to do well,
To aid humans in solution
Of how the use of tools can tell
Of the human evolution.
This monkey must be out of whack.
Why can't I make this damn nut crack?

- Ima Ryma