Assistant Professor, Industrial-Organizational Program


Dr. Dorothy R. Carter (Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology), is an Assistant Professor in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology program at the University of Georgia. Her research focuses on leadership and teamwork in organizations. Dr. Carter is the director of the Leadership, Innovation, Networks, and Collaboration (LINC) Laboratory at UGA. The LINC lab seeks to uncover the factors that enable teams and larger collectives to tackle complex challenges in contexts such as the military, medicine, scientific collaboration, and long-duration space exploration. More specific research questions under investigation in the LINC lab include: what are the drivers of leadership emergence within and between teams? how can organizations leverage social network approaches to enhance leadership development? how and why do relationships like trust, shared understanding, and teamwork arise between members of organizations? and what are optimal interventions to enhance coordination and collaboration processes across interdependent systems comprised of multiple teams?  

Dr. Carter's current research is supported by funding from the National Aeronautical and Space Agency (NASA) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Her research has appeared in outlets such as Journal of Applied Psychology, American Psychologist, Journal of Management, The Leadership Quarterly, Group and Organization Management, Human Resource Management ReviewThe Oxford Handbook of Leadership, and The Handbook of Industrial, Work, and Organizational Psychology.