Introduction to Industrial Psychology

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Major topics in industrial psychology, with emphasis on personnel psychology applied to business, industry, and government.

By the end of this course, students should have learned:

  1. The role of job analysis in industrial psychology
  2. How to conduct a job evaluation and factors to consider in designing a compensation system
  3. Issues related to criterion development
  4. How to develop a performance appraisal system and factors affecting its utility in organizational settings
  5. Different employment laws and the psychological effect of discrimination on individuals
  6. Factors related to successful recruitment and different techniques for making selection decisions
  7. Validity, reliability, legal defensibility, and appropriateness of various non-cognitive and cognitive predictors
  8. Issues facing individuals at various career stages
  9. Design and evaluation of training programs in organizations
  10. Familiarity with current and seminal research on the topics outlined below
Duplicate Credit: 
PSYC 6140
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